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      Guangzhou Ouqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the south gate of the motherland---Guangzhou, close to the railway station---Guangzhou South Railway Station with convenient information and convenient transportation. Many high-speed highways can be directly connected and the transportation is convenient. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of temperature and humidity controllers, heat pump controllers, inverter control and heat pump IoT. The company currently has tobacco drying, wood drying, agricultural product drying, variable frequency heat pump, FCH two-phase inverter heat pump, fresh air frequency conversion heat pump, variable frequency cold storage machine, remote maintenance system and other fist products.
      Guangzhou Ouqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of the School of Automation Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology.
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      In an increasingly competitive market economy environment, every enterprise has made every effort to be invincible. Among them, corporate management and control consulting is the preferred way for many companies to enhance their market competitiveness. After the advent of enterprise management and control consulting, it attracted the attention of a large number of enterprises.
      There are many companies that have a sense of openness when they receive consulting services from corporate management consulting companies, but once the consulting services provided by the company's management and control consulting company are completed, they will be forgotten, so it is difficult to achieve corporate governance consulting. Expected effect. If enterprises want to give full play to the significance of enterprise management and control consulting, they must establish a sound enterprise management and control consulting system.
      It is well known that the importance of strategic consulting companies as a compass for corporate development is self-evident. In recent years, the reputation of strategic consulting companies and how to select strategic consulting companies has become a problem for many companies. The following are Three considerations for how to select a strategic consulting firm.
      With the increasing demand for management consulting projects, these demands have promoted the development of the consulting industry to a certain extent, and the consulting companies have also felt that the ability of customers to request the success rate of consulting projects is also constantly improving. So here are three simple factors that analyze the success of a management consulting project.
      When I criticize others for accusing others, I deeply understand that the other party is "I". In fact, "I" is accusing the criticism of "I" myself. Repeat yourself: he (she) is me. Repeatly telling yourself that the other person is "I". And repeatedly asked myself: "I have seen my own fault in this?"
      At a party attended by many celebrities, the white-haired Pakistani veteran "Rayleigh" took a cane and slammed into the stage to take a seat. The host asked: Do you often go to the doctor? Raleigh: Yes, I often go see it. Moderator: Why? Raleigh: Because patients must go to see a doctor often, doctors can survive.
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